What are flares?

How do you make them drill-less?

Do I need extra long truck mud flaps ?

Do the drill-less work with aftermarket fender flares?

Can I get mudflaps that will not rub?

My tires stick out beyond the fender well, will the mudflap cover them?

Can you make them hang lower, or wider?

Can I get custom shaped mudflaps for my truck?

Who will install my mudflaps? 

What will DuraFlap mud flaps look like on my truck??

1.On the questionnaire it asks about whether my truck has flares or not. What are flares??

When we ask about flares we are talking about the extra flare package or wheel well molding that is often added around the wheel wells of the truck. These are either plastic or fiberglass. On several truck models, these flares make it necessary for us to redesign the drill-less truck mud flaps to work with different factory holes.
Here are sample photos of trucks with flares and without flares.

2. Drill-less…really? How do you do that?

Where possible we pre drill the mudflap to match factory holes already in your fender well lip. However, with the new styles, there are trucks with very little fender well lip and some with no holes in the fender well lip.
Dennis has designed some great brackets to use in these circumstances. To view the install directions for your truck model, just Click Here and it will take you to our questionnaire. Complete it and send it and we will send you the install directions for your truck, and a couple of photos of your model with our mudflaps on it. Under the comments section, you can let us know if you are interested in any of our custom weight designs or designs not shown, and we will try to find images of that weight installed.

3. Do I need the standard length or the extra long?

We design our drill-less mudflaps to hang approximately 9-10” off the ground. Our extra long are designed to hang our maximum length of 7” off the ground. These are the lengths measured on the trucks we get into our shop for the design and fit up. Your truck could sit differently depending on wheel and tire sizes, suspension model and year. Each mudflap description includes how far below the fenderwell the mudflap will hang. So measure your truck and verify that the length listed will work. We are measuring from just below the lowest part of your fenderwell behind the tire.

The extra long mudflaps are designed to give maximum protection to a trailer or boat being pulled. When you hook your tow vehicle to your truck it may squat a little, but you should not have to worry about backing into curbs or parking lot blocks when you are towing, so a little closer to the ground should be okay.

4. Will your drill-less work with aftermarket fender flares?

We also need to know about aftermarket flares. These may cover the factory holes we use, and may require you to drill thru the flare to use the factory hole underneath. If you have aftermarket flares, complete our questionnaire and we will send you the install directions with some photos of installs. Review our install directions for your truck application, and determine if you can reach all the necessary parts on the fenderwell. Many of the aftermarket flares use the same holes that we do for installation, and it is just a matter of removing the bolts they used, and using our slightly longer bolts or screws.
The other possible problem with aftermarket flares is if they have a curved edge where the fenderwell lip is usually flat. This curvature may keep your mudflap from sitting flat.
One last thing to check for is how much wider the flare lip is then the factory flare. If the inside edge is wider than the factory flares, some of our hardware may not be designed to reach around the edge. You may end up having to drill holes after all. Sometimes, it is just a better bet to order our standard installation mudflaps to be certain they will work with those non-factory flares. While we are able to make exchanges on our stock mudflaps, the customer is required to pay the shipping, and that can get costly.

5. I have oversized tires; can I get mudflaps that will not rub?

With the extra large tires being sold today there is a problem of the tires rubbing on the mudflap that hangs straight down inside the fender well. This is especially true for the front mudflaps when turning the wheel.

We cannot say if you will have a rub issue just based on your tire size. Other factors that affect the rubbing are lifts and truck stance. We always suggest that you place a piece of cardboard inside your wheel well where the mudflap will be hanging down, and turn your front wheels to verify that they will not rub. Our mudflaps are 3/8” thick, so use thicker cardboard to be safe.

If there is a rub issue we have a few different options. We have created new mudflaps for the Chevy/GMC, and new body Ford that place the mudflap behind the fender well liner on the Chevy, or the flares on the Ford on the half of the fender well. This gives you about 1/4” more room which is often all you need. This would be our CF3, CF3 07, and FF3 07. Please note that on the Ford trucks, this tuck behind style will only work if you have Flares. The Dodge mud flaps for the years 2010-2013 also tuck behind the liner, but then Dodge made changes to the liner, and only a small portion of the mud flap can tuck behind.

                                                                        Ford Truck Tucked
All of the new body Dodge fronts are now tucked behind the fenderwell liner as well.

We can place 2 heat bends in the mud flap that move it back from the tire. This works well with the mudflaps that are only going to hang 10” or less below the truck. Longer mudflaps can get too heavy, and may straighten out when exposed to high temperatures in hot weather conditions. We do not guarantee the bend to hold, but it is often worth the try.

We have our lifted truck brackets which are bent back and then down to hang a mudflap of the size you require from it. These can be seen and ordered from our lifted truck page. You have your choice of a metal powder coated bracket, or a stainless steel satin finish bracket. When you order, our web site will give you that option to choose from.

Have more questions? Don’t hesitate to call us. 541-245-9148
6. My tires stick out beyond the fender well, will your drill-less give me the coverage I need?

We design our drill-less mudflaps to be centered on the stock tires. If you place a ruler across the tread of your tire, centered on the tire, this will show you the coverage you will get from our 12” wide mudflap. When we design the 14” wide mudflap, we add 1” to the inside and 1” to the outside to keep the mudflap centered on the tire. If your tires stick out 1” or less beyond the fenderwell, half way up on the wheel well, our 14” wide mudflap should cover out that far. If they are further out you will want to phone and discuss the possibility of us customizing the mudflaps to give you 1” more of coverage. We call this a 1” offset. If the tires stick out further this will require you to purchase our standard installation mudflap so you have the ability to position that mudflap exactly where you need it.
It does mean drilling holes in your fenderwell, but if your tires stick out that far, you have probably already been drilling holes elsewhere.
If your truck is an old style Dodge, we can do a 2” offset, but this is not available on the Ford or Chevy/GMC models.
These are typical coverage for our 12” wide mudflaps.

2010 Dodge no flares standard length 2008 GMC no flares extra long 2011 FX4 with flares standard length
Still have questions? Please do not hesitate to phone us. 541-245-9148
7. I want to use your drill-less, but I need mudflaps longer/wider than the ones you show. Can you make them hang lower, or wider?

Because we make each pair of mudflaps here at our factory we are able to create new cut files based on the customer’s needs. Custom lengths or widths may be accommodated for an extra fee. A few things to keep in mind when determining if you need customization are:

We recommend that the length be no closer than 6” to the ground. When you are closer, you may hit the mudflap on curbs and parking guards without realizing it. When you want them longer to protect a tow vehicle, remember, when you attach your trailer, your truck will squat a bit, giving your tow vehicle even more protection.

If looking at wider mudflaps make sure you have the room inside the wheel well to accommodate them without rubbing on suspension, or being blocked by the liner.

Custom size mudflaps are non returnable for anything other than defects, so make sure you measure correctly.

Since we cannot see your truck, our recommendations may only be based on what you describe to us.

Custom orders need to be phoned in: 541-245-9148
8. Can I get custom shaped mudflaps for my truck?

We can cut your mudflaps to the size and shape you need, just give us a call: 541-245-9148

9. Who will install my mudflaps?

Although our drill-less mudflaps do make the installation easier, you will still need some mechanical ability to install them. They come with all the directions and necessary hardware. We try to be available most every day to assist by phone when necessary so do not hesitate to phone if you run into difficulties.
That being said, if we do not have a dealer in your area, most any tire, muffler or suspension store has the ability to install our mudflaps. An average cost in our area is $30 per pair, but don’t hold us to that.
10. What will DuraFlap mud flaps look like on my truck??

To see several trucks with our mud flaps on them please go to our Google images page by CLICKING HERE

Then select the page of images for your truck model. If you do not find a truck similar to yours, call or email us with your truck information and we will do our best to send you images of mud flaps on your truck make, model and year.

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